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Here you will find Video/Audiocast shows of many genres. Paranormal to Heavy Metal News and Variety Talk to Drag Talk. We continue to look for interesting shows to add to our family here at WLFE-Db. Do you have a show you think fits our family? It doesn't have to be Paranormal or even Metal.  Contact us below. 


A Quiet Mans Journey!

Here is the chance to Join Ted from "Paratalkradio" and "Talk with Teddy" on a fantastic trip to Ireland. Yes, IRELAND!

A Quiet Mans Journey is because of Teds love of John Wayne movies. One of John Wayne's Iconic movies is called " A Quiet Man " and this is why it is dubbed as so.

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What a chance to join on a fantasy trip to Ireland!

Follow the link below to check out a short video

 and email Mysteriousadventurestours@gmail.com for rate and more info!


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Not into a specific topic or type show? We have added some HOT HOT Variety Talk Shows for you..

Variety Shows are the arly background of Television. So we have reached out and brought fourth some NEW Show...Starting the end of May 2020..


Our Main Video/Audiocasts are Paranormal / UFO / Crypto Talk Shows !

Do You have a passion for the Unknown and Paranormal?

  • These shows delve into the mysterious, supernatural and sometimes horror of the things our civilization has no understanding of yet.


You can also find " Metal head Shows" - Live Life as a Metal-Head!

There is nothing like the passion of a true Metal Fan. No other genre of music has a dedication such as that of a Metal Junkie.

Tune in to our Metal Talk Shows and join in on the conversation. 

You can also spend a little time listening to metal head music right here ..


Some of our shows/Audiocasts/Videocasts are Rated R. So You Must be 18 to Listen to some Shows

These shows hold nothing back.  The strong language and some of the content can be scary for some individuals. These range from Paranormal, Horror and  of  guests that  use strong Language not suitable for everyone.


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Talk with Teddy interviews a Gentleman who is a Drum Maker &

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